Post #10

I was really proud of the work I did with my new acquired skills on the 2nd powerpoint assignment. I thought it was really cool trying to make a non linear slide show instead of just a regular one. I actually finished the assignment a week early because I could not stop working on it once I stopped. It was just a great experience over all and I am glad I got to do it.

I found that my classmates really enjoyed this class as much as I did. I really liked reviewing their blogs each week to see how they did the assignments and compare it to mine. I am really happy to see the enthusiasm to be an educator in so many people!

The ethnology I would like to learn next would be stuff with Excel. I am really excited to see what else I can learn from Excel because I am a math kind of person and I love doing spreadsheets and stuff like that. I would also definitely pursue further learning in the creation of power points because I had so much fun with mine that I really just want to make more.

I am sure I will learn more about Powerpoint and Excel because the technology in this world is always growing and we will have to be using programs like those more and more. I believe powerpoint is really exciting enough to keep going strong without any other presentation tool taking over it. I am very excited to pursue these goals in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this Education Technology class at the Florida State University.


Post #9

There is no doubt that I will be using a few peripherals in my classroom when I am a teacher.A few that I will definitely use will be a projector, a pull down screen, a smart board, and a video projector. The video projector will be most important to me because I am planning on being a math teacher. It is easy to show students exactly how to do a problem by showing them step by step how to do it. And a video projector would be the perfect way to get it to the point where all the students could see it. I would also like a smart board because I have found that a lot of students respond to being able to interact with the smart board and they usually have a lot of fun with it.

I have found that TME online is a great online web resource that is helpful towards learning. It really pushes you to great places that help out with math. You can search for anything you want and find it right there for you. Almost anything on the matter is right there in front of you. I love how it gives you an excess amount of information but I am sure a lot of people would not enjoy that part of it so much.

The link to the site is I have found that it really is not that good for younger students but it would definitely be good for me as a teacher to be able to go over all this information and give it to the students. I have also found that is a great website for the younger kids because it allows them to play games while learning math.

Excel will be definitely used by me when I am teaching. It will not necessarily be used to teach the children but it will definitely be used to take notes and stats of how the students are doing and find what they need more than something else. My mentor, Mr. Young uses excel all the time to measure which particular sub subjects need to be taught more than others such as context clues instead of authors purpose. I love using Excel and it is actually pretty easy to use!

Powerpoint is great! And although I did not learn much from what we did in class, I still enjoyed doing the assignment because Powerpoint is just a fun thing to use when presenting something. A lot of the stuff we learned I had already known how to do but it is definitely useful and necessary to teach. Jing was really cool. I think it is really fun to use but when I am teaching a classroom I think I would rather present the Powerpoint myself and interacting with the students instead of using Jing.

Post #8

There are many advantages to using presentation software as a teacher and not so many disadvantages if there is any at all. When you are giving a presentation, software that helps you present can always be used to give the children examples, to show visuals, and to help the students pay attention and be involved with the whole presentation. Like I said, there are not really any disadvantage to using presentation software. It is there to help you so it can only make your presentation better.

The digital divide is really a socioeconomic problem. It comes down to whether you have a lot of access to technology or if you do not. It is sad that a lot of schools cannot afford any computers at all just because of the area they are in. For me growing up, I always had technology around me. I learned as much as I could because I believe technology is our future. It definitely affects the learning styles and what not of the class to not be involved with technology but there still are ways to be an effective teacher without using technology.

The biggest problem involving technology is that some kids have access to a lot of technology and some kids do not. So if a teacher assigns something where the students have to use a certain type of technology, such as making a powerpoint, then it really sucks for the kids who cannot get access to a computer. That is why it would be a lot better if every public school was equally funded so they can get the types of technology that they need.

Post #7

Microsoft Powerpoint is definitely one of the most useful tools for a teacher to have. You can teach every student according to their distinct needs by just using this program. Powerpoint gives you the ability to teach students through pictures, words, and examples. I love using Microsoft Powerpoint because it is easy to use and easy for others to understand. It is also very nice to look at for those you are presenting to.

Adaptive technologies are very good for society. They have helped so many disabled people improve their lifestyle. No one could argue that they are not a good thing for society. But I have found that accommodating for students using a few particular adaptive technologies is very tough for a teacher to do. I used to know a kid that actually had a computer that helped him talk. It was great for him to be able to do that, but sometimes it was really hard for me to understand what he was saying and I do not think it would be good if a teacher just did not have a clue about what he was saying.

The Web Design assignment was great! I loved creating my teacher page because it was easy and actually looked really good. 1 week ago I thought I would never be able to figure out how to make a website for myself but not I have learned from teacher page and seen that it is really simple to do. A website like that is definitely helpful for students and parents.


Post #6

Course Websites may be one of the most useful things a teacher could create. Educators really do not know how much course websites actually help students out. Like Blackboard for FSU helps me stay so much more organized than I would be without Blackboard. Honestly I do not even think I would be passing some of my classes if it was not for Blackboard. As long as I check it everyday, I will always know what I have to do for my classes. That is why I think all teachers should use a course website.

Last semester, when I observed classes at FSUS, the teachers were always letting their students come to the front of the class and use the Smart Board. The students loved using it and it got them really interested in learning. I strongly believe that when I am a teacher, a Smart Board will be used in my classroom in order to stimulate the learning of my students.

I really liked this week’s assignment with the WikiSpaces. It was definitely a challenge, but I really enjoyed navigating through it and creating my own website. It was fun working with my group members trying to figure out exactly how to format things on the site and to find what we should use in our Website Evaluation Form. Below there Is a Print Screen of our home page but I could not fit the whole thing in it. So If you would like to also go to our site you can at

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I spent most of my time this week evaluating and using Diigo which is basically like a web help tool. Personally, I loved using it. I had actually planned on testing out a few others along with Diigo but after I started using it, I did not want to even try anything else. It is very capable and much more helpful than search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

While Diigo is very useful, it is certainly not necessary to have. What I am saying is, You do not absolutely have to have it in order to be an efficient surfer of the web or researcher. For advanced internet users, Diigo would not be as helpful, but for beginners it is amazing. The bookmarking tool, sticky notes, and highlighting tool it uses are all great helpers when using the internet.

I think a lot of Web 2.0 technologies should be used in K-12 education. It is a great change up for kids to learn through good search sites such as Ted Talks. It is easy for them to learn and definitely educational. There are some sites that are not as helpful though such as Youtube. I would tend to stay away from these sites when education K-12 grade levels.

The Web Hunt assignment was particularly easy just because my generation has been using search engines all our lives. It was really simple to find what I was looking for just because I know where to search and how to search it. There was nothing hard about the Web Hunt at all.

Post #4

There are many ways to stimulate student learning by using online web sources. Specifically for students in public schools in Florida there are many tools that are made to help students prepare for the FCAT. One website that I remember using as a kid was In elementary school we used to use this all the time. In high school, my teachers taught me to use the servers in the media center, such as Gail that the school paid for so the kids can get 100% fact based research.

Using the internet for research can be dangerous, but helpful. There will always be things that you look up on that are not backed up by facts, but if you use the right kind of search database such as Google Scholar, or Gail then the internet can be very helpful when doing research.

When I am doing a research paper, I always use Google Scholar because it has never failed me or given me any false information. I am sure that the methods mentioned in the podcast work well, but Google Scholar has never let me down in the 4 years I have been using it.

This week in class we learned about Inspiration. I had never used it before we did it in class. Now, I absolutely love Inspiration. It is simple and easy to use, and it gives you an organized and well structured outline within minutes. I was fascinated by how easy it was to use and configure. I loved using it and plan on using it for several classes in the future.