Post #5

I spent most of my time this week evaluating and using Diigo which is basically like a web help tool. Personally, I loved using it. I had actually planned on testing out a few others along with Diigo but after I started using it, I did not want to even try anything else. It is very capable and much more helpful than search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

While Diigo is very useful, it is certainly not necessary to have. What I am saying is, You do not absolutely have to have it in order to be an efficient surfer of the web or researcher. For advanced internet users, Diigo would not be as helpful, but for beginners it is amazing. The bookmarking tool, sticky notes, and highlighting tool it uses are all great helpers when using the internet.

I think a lot of Web 2.0 technologies should be used in K-12 education. It is a great change up for kids to learn through good search sites such as Ted Talks. It is easy for them to learn and definitely educational. There are some sites that are not as helpful though such as Youtube. I would tend to stay away from these sites when education K-12 grade levels.

The Web Hunt assignment was particularly easy just because my generation has been using search engines all our lives. It was really simple to find what I was looking for just because I know where to search and how to search it. There was nothing hard about the Web Hunt at all.


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