Post #6

Course Websites may be one of the most useful things a teacher could create. Educators really do not know how much course websites actually help students out. Like Blackboard for FSU helps me stay so much more organized than I would be without Blackboard. Honestly I do not even think I would be passing some of my classes if it was not for Blackboard. As long as I check it everyday, I will always know what I have to do for my classes. That is why I think all teachers should use a course website.

Last semester, when I observed classes at FSUS, the teachers were always letting their students come to the front of the class and use the Smart Board. The students loved using it and it got them really interested in learning. I strongly believe that when I am a teacher, a Smart Board will be used in my classroom in order to stimulate the learning of my students.

I really liked this week’s assignment with the WikiSpaces. It was definitely a challenge, but I really enjoyed navigating through it and creating my own website. It was fun working with my group members trying to figure out exactly how to format things on the site and to find what we should use in our Website Evaluation Form. Below there Is a Print Screen of our home page but I could not fit the whole thing in it. So If you would like to also go to our site you can at


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