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There are many advantages to using presentation software as a teacher and not so many disadvantages if there is any at all. When you are giving a presentation, software that helps you present can always be used to give the children examples, to show visuals, and to help the students pay attention and be involved with the whole presentation. Like I said, there are not really any disadvantage to using presentation software. It is there to help you so it can only make your presentation better.

The digital divide is really a socioeconomic problem. It comes down to whether you have a lot of access to technology or if you do not. It is sad that a lot of schools cannot afford any computers at all just because of the area they are in. For me growing up, I always had technology around me. I learned as much as I could because I believe technology is our future. It definitely affects the learning styles and what not of the class to not be involved with technology but there still are ways to be an effective teacher without using technology.

The biggest problem involving technology is that some kids have access to a lot of technology and some kids do not. So if a teacher assigns something where the students have to use a certain type of technology, such as making a powerpoint, then it really sucks for the kids who cannot get access to a computer. That is why it would be a lot better if every public school was equally funded so they can get the types of technology that they need.


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