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There is no doubt that I will be using a few peripherals in my classroom when I am a teacher.A few that I will definitely use will be a projector, a pull down screen, a smart board, and a video projector. The video projector will be most important to me because I am planning on being a math teacher. It is easy to show students exactly how to do a problem by showing them step by step how to do it. And a video projector would be the perfect way to get it to the point where all the students could see it. I would also like a smart board because I have found that a lot of students respond to being able to interact with the smart board and they usually have a lot of fun with it.

I have found that TME online is a great online web resource that is helpful towards learning. It really pushes you to great places that help out with math. You can search for anything you want and find it right there for you. Almost anything on the matter is right there in front of you. I love how it gives you an excess amount of information but I am sure a lot of people would not enjoy that part of it so much.

The link to the site is I have found that it really is not that good for younger students but it would definitely be good for me as a teacher to be able to go over all this information and give it to the students. I have also found that is a great website for the younger kids because it allows them to play games while learning math.

Excel will be definitely used by me when I am teaching. It will not necessarily be used to teach the children but it will definitely be used to take notes and stats of how the students are doing and find what they need more than something else. My mentor, Mr. Young uses excel all the time to measure which particular sub subjects need to be taught more than others such as context clues instead of authors purpose. I love using Excel and it is actually pretty easy to use!

Powerpoint is great! And although I did not learn much from what we did in class, I still enjoyed doing the assignment because Powerpoint is just a fun thing to use when presenting something. A lot of the stuff we learned I had already known how to do but it is definitely useful and necessary to teach. Jing was really cool. I think it is really fun to use but when I am teaching a classroom I think I would rather present the Powerpoint myself and interacting with the students instead of using Jing.


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