Post #10

I was really proud of the work I did with my new acquired skills on the 2nd powerpoint assignment. I thought it was really cool trying to make a non linear slide show instead of just a regular one. I actually finished the assignment a week early because I could not stop working on it once I stopped. It was just a great experience over all and I am glad I got to do it.

I found that my classmates really enjoyed this class as much as I did. I really liked reviewing their blogs each week to see how they did the assignments and compare it to mine. I am really happy to see the enthusiasm to be an educator in so many people!

The ethnology I would like to learn next would be stuff with Excel. I am really excited to see what else I can learn from Excel because I am a math kind of person and I love doing spreadsheets and stuff like that. I would also definitely pursue further learning in the creation of power points because I had so much fun with mine that I really just want to make more.

I am sure I will learn more about Powerpoint and Excel because the technology in this world is always growing and we will have to be using programs like those more and more. I believe powerpoint is really exciting enough to keep going strong without any other presentation tool taking over it. I am very excited to pursue these goals in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this Education Technology class at the Florida State University.


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