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You know, a lot of people have told me not to use They say that while it can be helpful information, anyone can go on there and put whatever information they want so it usually is not reliable information. But I have to say, I have gotten a lot of greg information off of Although I would never list it as a source on a research paper, I think it is one of the most informative we sites out their. The information on this website is so easy to find that if you can use a computer, you can use wikipedia.

Wikipedia is what we call an open source material website because anyone can go on and edit it. I think teachers should use open source material as long as they make sure that the information is true using other closed sources. I certainly would contribute to them because it is always good to get knowledge out there no matter what website it is on. It is easy to check the validity of the materials using other websites or books. So as long as you are smart about using them, open source websites can be very helpful.

This week in our education technology class, I learned about some new tools that I could use to help me in Microsoft Word. Honestly, I thought that a few of the things we learned were not as useful to me as the other things we learned about Microsoft Word in the previous class. It was very hard to create the Word document I created because so many different parts were supposed to be in different columns and what not. I have never had a etcher send out a form like this and I cannot say that I will be likely to send out anything like this when I have my own classroom. I think I will end up sticking to a basic document without pictures or columns.


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Microsoft Word is the indefinitely the greatest tool out there for the use of students. It is easy to assume that over 90% of students in America use Microsoft Word very often. I have used itg myself over 1000 times for the countless number of papers I have to write. My teachers use Microsoft Word all the time to make study guides, tests, and worksheets. I did not have a clue about all of the different things that you can do when using Microsoft Word. It is now so much easier to create learning tools such as an outline in order to help people follow along.

You know, almost everything we have is copywrited or trademarked. We use them in order to keep other people from illegally advertising a product that someone else created. In writing that is called plagiarism. Most teachers have a way to deter people from plagiarising other peoples work. An example is having children turn in their papers to a website called I will most likely use myself when I am a teacher. Students will have to use a works cited page when referencing to someone else’s work.

In class we basically learned how to make our own assignments for children. Whether it be a test, quiz, homework assignment, or an outline it can be created by Microsoft Word. I never knew that Microsoft Word could do so many things. I used to just use it to write my papers but I never knew it was able to produce graphs and things like that.  The only thing I did not like about it was that it took a while to get the spacing correct on my paper I created. But now I have learned how to make that a lot easier through the different numbering systems.

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Computers are probably the most useful tool in the educational experience They help us create attention grabbing presentations using programs like Microsoft Powerpoint. It is much easier to keep students focused when you are using a visual tool such as powerpoint instead of just giving a lecture. It is just a cleaner process when it is easy for the kids to understand what you are teaching. It is essential for teachers to know advanced computer use because after having both teachers who know how to use computers and teachers who do not know how to use computers, I would definitely agree that it is a lot easier when they are experienced with a computer. Tech Tactics is definetely right when it states that computers could never replace teachers because it is important that there is a teacher-student connection on the personal level. This is why it is important to know your way around the computer if you want to be a great teacher.

There are a few computer programs that I could really see helping me out while I am a teacher. I think that Microsoft Excel is definitely a great program to use when comparing children on something like a standardized test. You can use it to compare different children with different types of questions and for example see what percentage of your students got the ‘main idea’ question right. Obviously Microsoft Powerpoint will be a great tool to know and understand how to use in order to put together amazing visual presentations. I really hope to learn how to use these programs thoroughly because I believe they will proove to be vital to my educating.

The label ‘digital native’ is definitely an appropriate title for my generation. My peers and I have grown up using computers, cell phones, gaming systems, and more. We get the newest technologies right when they come out such as the new iPad 2. It seems like it is a lot easier for us to learn about and how to use these because the concepts are easier for us to grasp. For example the idea of a device without buttons is hard to understand for my grandma because she did not even have a television until she was 35, and even that was just a black and white television. I have even had a teacher ask me how to use several programs on his basic computer. It is crazy how technology changes from one generation to another. I am sure that the next generation will have much more things that are hard for me to understand as well.

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I have been using technology all my life. From computers to smart phones and even tablets now. Technology has always been very useful for me while I was a student. I have used Microsoft Word so many times for essays and stuff like that for my classes. Microsoft Powerpoint has also been a tool used a lot by me during my years in school. I believe I am very able to even teach some technology uses to others. Last year while I was working as an aftercare counselor at an Elementary School, I helped one of the 5th grade teachers clean his computer out and I taught him how to use the new email system at the school.

I really hope that I get a lot out of this class. I believe that technology plays an essential role in education today. It is much easier for kids to learn through newer technology than it is for them to learn through things such as lectures. I hope to learn a lot more about Microsoft Excell and Inspiration. I really believe that Excell can be utilized to compare scores throughout a classroom full of students. I think this class will make me a lot more efficient in technology education.

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